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MY SAVIOR NEAR, by Carl Gooch

MY SAVIOR NEAR….by Carl Gooch

In the morning’s cool fall air,

I sit peacefully without care…

A book of love open in my hand

To seek His word and my command.

What doth day hold…how will I fare…

It doesn’t matter when He is there,

Blessings, promises before me lay:

The Lord my God walks with me today!

Noon sun warms my hair,

Rejoice my heart, for His care…

My heart o’er flows in joyous praise

For the Lord watching over me all my days.

When toil becomes too much to bear,

Take it all to the cross, leaving it there…

He gives strength that we can stand

Guided and protected by his hand!

The evening sun sets as I kneel in prayer,

Thanking the Lord that He’s always there…

When my body is weary from running its race

Calm and peace–His  rest sets in place.

I have no worries

And have no fear…

I know my Savior

And He is near!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 07 October 2014

TRULY BLESSED….by Carl Gooch


Christ the true and only light,

He knows our mournful plight…

The one who shows the way–

He’s with us from day-to-day.

Oh Christ, morning star of hope

You ae my strength to help me cope…

My day does not start, it’s true,

Until I’ve received blessing from you.

Before from my bed I rise

It is you who opens my eyes…

My praise of you is just and right,

You stand guard throughout the night!

You lead me in work and play,

You are the breadth of my day…

You give both task and rest

And by your love I am truly blessed.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 01 October 2014

CRADLE TO CROSS, by Carl Gooch


What hope is there for a sinner lost?

Only the hope this Child does bring…

The hope of the world comes from

Christ our Lord, merciful King.

In Bethlehem-town quiet and calm

In the heavens a star shone bright…

Then sang angels in a round

Praises to the Lord of Light.

In drafty stable a Child was born

Who’d become our One salvation…

What a lowly birth for the King of all,

Over every tribe and nation!

He was born our sacrifice

From cradle to cross for thee…

Blood and death were sin’s price

He paid so we could live free.

Carl a. Gooch ~ 25 September 2014



Vast was the love that God did show

When His Son was sent to us here below…

He sent Him to pay sin’s great price,

The Lamb of God–our sacrifice.

They beat and nailed Him to a tree,

Scorned by the world for all to see…

With all the mercy that was in Him

He cried, “Father…forgive them!”

For my sins He took my place

That I may no longer live disgrace…

I can look any man in the eye,

I’m now a son of God Most High!

My Lord and God has called me His own,

He loves me and I’ll never be alone…

When troubles visit me for a while

He gives me strength to wear a smile!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 21 July 2014



According to your holy word

Grant your servant’s request….

Teach me your way, O Lord

That I may stand the test.

Guide my judgment–let it be wise–

And my heart be pure in your eyes…

Help me to follow your command,

Strengthen me to reach out my hand.

Keep me humble, keep me true,

For my salvation is found in you…

When tender souls have need

Let it be on your love they feed.

Let my hands reach out with your love

Proclaiming the way to heaven above…

You are the truth, the light, the way,

In all I do–may you be revealed today!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 16 June 2014



By your mighty hand you lifted me,

Your power my enemies did see…

For your loving blessing in all you do

With my last breath I will praise you.

You alone are my God and my King,

I know you are with me in everything:

In weakness when illness seized me

I called on you and you set me free,

You paid the price my soul to save

And rose again, a new life you gave…

I’ll sing your praises–I’ll never quit–

You spared me from that evil pit.

In your mercy I rest day and night,

That I may praise you in your holy light…

Wrapped in the warmth of your grace,

I rejoice in the piece of your holy place.

The storms will come and winds blow

But I’ll not be shaken in what I know:

The Lord my God has shown mercy to me

And my life now will a living witness be.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 09 June 2014

HOW TO WIN….by Carl Gooch


We’ve been given the means and ability

Yet easily diverted by what we see..

Confused by deception, smoke and mirrors

And turned by wicked minds on our deepest fears.

We see goals and dreams before us

But the time soon becomes too much…

Don’t be distracted from day-to-day

But focus your thoughts on God’s way.

God gives us all we need to win,

Purpose and source are found in Him…

He shows the path we need to walk

And His strength isn’t idle talk!

We no longer live as this world lives

But live in love that Christ gives…

We’ve changed–put off our old ways–

Walking in His love the rest of our days.

We know we serve God serving others,

Showing Christ to our sisters and brothers…

We strive to stay focussed and strong in Him

And trust in His promises our race to win.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 06 June 2014

MY LORD IS GOOD TO ME….by Carl Gooch


My Lord is good to me,

Yes my Lord is good to me…

He provides for all my needs,

My Lord is good to me.

He helps me rise in the morning,

He comforts me through the day…

He is my refuge from my fears

Oh, my Lord is good to me!

My Lord is good to me,

Yes, my Lord is good to me…

He provides for all my needs–

My Lord is good to me.

I hunger and He gives me food,

I thirst–He gives me drink–

He is shelter from life storms…

Yes, my Lord is good to me!

My Lord is good to me,

Yes, my Lord is good to me…

He provides for all my needs–

My Lord is good to me.

When I was lost He came,

I was doomed but He rescued me…

He died for all my sins and more,

Oh, my Lord is good to me!

My Lord is good to me…

Yes, my Lord is good to me,

He provides for all my needs–

My Lord is good to me!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 03 June 2014



I hear birds singing sweetly in the sky,

It’s their song of praise and I know why…

I look up and see the birds flying free

And I know my Lord watches over me!

Trust in our Lord, rely on his love,

He’ll provide for us day by day…

Call upon His strength and mercy–

He grants us power to walk in His way.

I sit surrounded by flowers of the field,

Their beauty relaxes and His glory reveals…

My heart is opened, my spirit bursts free

For in splendor my Lord has clothed me.

Trust in your Lord, rely on His love,

He’ll provide for day-to-day…

He is our refuge and fortress

Receive His strength while you pray.

When we are faced with fear or woe

He is there to show which way to go…

Our Lord provides for every need

An in love His blessings to us exceed!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 08 May 2014

YOU ALONE…by Carl A. Gooch


O Lord, my precious Lord,

To you all my love is due…

It’s by your love and favor

You proved your promises true.

I worship you, loving Lord,

You have blessed all my days…

Meditating on your word

You teach me your holy ways.

O Lord, my precious Lord,

You knew me before my birth…

Not by my hand but by yours

Do I have anything of worth.

Thank you, giver of mercy,

Grand love you showed unto me…

I was trapped in sin I did not know

But on the cross you set me free.

Oh Lord, My lips sing your praise,

My salvation is in you alone…

My knee shall bow and tongue confess

You are my King…you alone!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 19 March 2014