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Today he saw a nice dress

Of small checks that impressed…

Dark blue mini-squares

On white also there,

Familiar, yet rarely expressed.

A blogger wore a slim pencil skirt,

This material looked very pert…

Combined with a top

For which traffic would stop,

It was a wonderful flirt.

The women serving FRIENDLY’S ICE CREAM,

Used to wear uniforms…a gingham dream..

For a pubescent boy

Considerably coy,

But his Mother would invade his scene!

Gingham…usually seen in Western

Movies in which women dressed…

In what they could afford

Riding on a buckboard,

Those women–the young ones–looked the best.

So gingham—the boy’s old friend—

Has come back in style again…

A pencil skirt sharp

In gingham, hear a harp

Sweetly playing music in each hem!

–Jonathan Caswell

NOTE:  the Poet is not really a fashion  critic…more of a fashion encourager!