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Some days like today I am a fool,

Acting so little-boy school…

Betrayer of the truster

My bonds I flushered,

In a moment my “goodness” was through.

I broke the rules of a friend,

Most likely her trust will end…

I’d apologize

To be less despised,

But that’s not how relationships trend.

Any major contact she’d despise,

In business, relationship-wise…

Angry with this bad elf

For being that self-

-Ish man with lust in his eyes.

The Lord will forgive me…

The lady, I hope will agree

Sometime to go on

With a friendship half-gone,

Because of my idiocy.

I’ve blown it again and again,

Again loused it up with a friend…

Have to go on living

Despite self-giving

The stupidest kind of trend.

–Jonathan Caswell


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Conventional wisdom states,

That we are left to our fates…

Life is a crap shoot

And crappy to boot,

And most people are ingrates.

Silliness is all around,

But some don’t hear a sound…

Wrapped up in themselves

Like magical elves,

Selfish imagination abounds.

—Jonathan Caswell