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How can I describe my Lord’s love for me,

It’s beyond understanding or thought…

He manifests it through my wife and friends

The wonders that He has wrought.

When I am down, He sends someone,

Or a challenge for me to face…

There’s nothing like doing and being His Love

For blessings to fill up a space!

I suffer hardship but He suffered too,

But not beyond which we could stand…

I’m not the Creator and yet I am His

To counsel and to command.

How does one explain God as a man,

Yet He and the Father are One…

I don’t know completely but I understand

His Spirit lives in me until I’m Home.

It’s a matter of will—His or mine—

Played out in our lives every day…

Each step that we take we trust He is able

To turn us to go His way.


–Jonathan Caswell