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(My thanks to Holly at HOUSE OF HEART…for her thumbnail image)

I know few women may care,

To have their assets compared…

Must walk carefully

Or we may see

A firing squad form right over there!

Her picture drives me crazy,

From long ago not so hazy…

A woman I knew

Had those eyes too,

Until I was let go (amazing!).

In truth I had finished my job,

Six months’ in, to “discombob”…

But the heart is tough

When you think that’s enough,

It’ll fight on thinking it’s robbed.

And so it was in a way,

The engagement broke in a year, anyway…

She gave me two weeks’

Notice for keeps,

But some think she earlier played.

In four months my ex. had married,

Four years of sorrow I carried…

The ring she gave back–

Impossible tracked–

My wife is glad it’s buried!

My former was a cascading blonde,

And you thought redheads I was fond…

She rode a horse,

Those movements of course

Drove me above and beyond.

I’m sorry if I gave a start,

That image is burned in my heart…

 Now her profile

Still brings a smile,

Not many deep memories art!

Paul Quay's photo.

A recent picture…from her FACEBOOK page.