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A limerick poet’s glory,

Is an extremely short story…

No shaggy dogs

Or multi-word logs,

Just sweet and short and gory!

—Jonathan Caswell

** a..shaggy dog…is a long-winded story with an exrremely simple or pun-like ending.



Limericks tend to be pithy

In subjects somewhat iffy…

If this offends

Before this ends

I’ll have one more in a jiffy!

Sarcasm, satire and jest

Suit the limerick best…

If ya can’t take a joke

Then be a good bloke

And pass it on to the rest.

–Jonathan Caswell

ONLY ON ONE END!!!! (Post from ‘Becca)


Giant Thoughts

Posted on May 22, 2013 by

Recently it came to my attention that I’m not a giant.  I know, this should’ve come to me when I was in 5th grade and reached my full adult height.  Or maybe when I couldn’t reach the second shelf in my kitchen without a step ladder.  Or how I sometimes shop in the children’s department because it’s the same clothes for cheaper.  I should have clued in when I turned 18 and my boyfriend still called me “fun sized.”  I hear that 5 feet 2 inches is “short”, though I disagree.

IMAG0714 Giant ThoughtsWhat triggered the realization that I’m not a giant was the arrival of my new breakfast room table.  It seats six to eight people and is bar height. You can’t see this, but the table ends about 4 inches under my chin.  So I have to climb up into the chairs like my hypothetical kids do.  I didn’t realize this, of course, because I have to climb into everything.  Even when I sit on the toilet, my feet touch the floor only on my tip toes.  A friend noticed when I stood up, and started to laugh.

So then I started looking around my house.  I have a king sized bed though my husband is average height.  My living room furniture has two overstuffed chairs that could seat two people at a time.  I drive a minivan for leg room, which is sad because I have to pull the seat all the way forward to reach the pedals… though my boobs almost hit the wheel.

So there you have it folks… apparently my height doesn’t live up to my personality.  But I don’t care, because I’m 6 feet 5 inches in my mind.




Lady or Not… Here I Come

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