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(Or:  Daydreaming on the Run!)


Daydreaming on where things will be,

After productivity…

Is well underway,

After-all, we must stay

Apace with Corporate strategy!

There’ll be a gym somewhere,

And showers for folks to repair…

Mighty sweat spots

And undo leg knots,

Changing clothing for fresh air.

Of course, he envisions a nude,

In typical male attitude…

And he defends her

From an offender,

Who wants to do something crude.

Our hero looks but denies,

Doing any more offered than by eyes…

He gets her towels

Before the CCTV man howls

And he gets her out of danger, in disguise.

By this time, running out of points,

The rounds-keeper has hurting joints…

His meeting  a nude

At work is greatly skewed

Against it, daydreaming rarely disappoints.


–Jonathan Caswell





(The continuing story of a facility reinventing itself!)

The object of latest rumor,
To be taken with salt and humor…
Briefly surmised,
Being exercised
Is a place for a gym coming sooner.

I doubt that we will be
Allowed tours of security…
Except after hours
In each set of showers,
Assuming no occupancy!

We’ve “lost” enough “Morse points”*
From various projectural joints…
To adequately cover
The gym and other
Places “Facilities” anoints.

Patience is required of us
Who speculate and fuss…
Over things that take time,
We put them in rhyme
While continuing to vainly discuss.

Who can hardly wait until then,
Learning rounds with each new bend…
Complainers will balk
At having to walk
A little further to start where they end!

—Jonathan Caswell
*”Morse points”…A patented system so the insurance company and client know that Security is making the appointed walking rounds to designated locations within the plant, within a certain time period—data is reviewed by the client on a regularly scheduled basis.