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IMAGE from: model-railroad-hobbyist.com/node/10313

Rearranging to see,

Works best imaginarily…

Power plants offstage

Are all the rage,

Illusion necessarily!

The said industrial lead,

Curving into a mirror succeeds…

At least for my eyes

Suggest beyond lies,

The  rail yard a power plant needs.

Between a mill and old store,

Rail cars are parked, one or more…

Coal and limestone

Go “in” and are “gone”*

Wood chips,old tires and more!

Some places burn up trash,

N scale neighbors objected fast!

Objecting to smell–

And vermin, they tell–

But ┬áthey’re okay with biomass!

*Gone…cars picked up by hand and replaced by outbound empties or out-coming fly fly-ash and scrap metal.

HOW TO WIN….by Carl Gooch


We’ve been given the means and ability

Yet easily diverted by what we see..

Confused by deception, smoke and mirrors

And turned by wicked minds on our deepest fears.

We see goals and dreams before us

But the time soon becomes too much…

Don’t be distracted from day-to-day

But focus your thoughts on God’s way.

God gives us all we need to win,

Purpose and source are found in Him…

He shows the path we need to walk

And His strength isn’t idle talk!

We no longer live as this world lives

But live in love that Christ gives…

We’ve changed–put off our old ways–

Walking in His love the rest of our days.

We know we serve God serving others,

Showing Christ to our sisters and brothers…

We strive to stay focussed and strong in Him

And trust in His promises our race to win.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 06 June 2014