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We Poets have inspiration

Where words and phrases just flow…

Out from within ourselves,

From where–we don’t always know.

Much like a prophet serving a god

We oft let it come out straight….

Fearing that editing will cause loss

Of feelings and insights great.

Thusly we must choose–

How much do we think we’ll lose?

Focussing into the mark,

Some chose to sharpen their stakes…

For pin-point accuracy

Poets do whatever it takes!

All great poets, you see,

Work hard to turn a phrase….

Some have worked for months

To visibly their skills raise.

Who am I if not

A follower in that path….

If I stay poetically

A child, hear my reviewer’s wrath!

One poet said I had rhythm,

Didn’t praise me for my rhyme…

I’m working to improve my skill

That his praise will be earned next time.

–Jonathan Caswell