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Sunny, clear and cold,

We celebrate as of old…

A warm embrace

Fingers trace

On skin patterns bold!

Hey–romantic ;love,

Being closer than in a glove…

The day we’re telling

Our heart swelling

Is for our turtle dove!

Presents and cupcakes reign,

Romantic foods by design…

Baubles and things

Give love wings,

Or at least that’s the hoped for sign!

–Jonathan Caswell




Beloved Myrt has later stayed,

To change the glassed-in display….

Employee Appreciation

Is the explanation,

In September it’s coming our way.

Pictures of many long-gone,

Make the statement that it isn’t wrong…

To remember the past,

How we had a blast

Singing in beautiful song!

Those times seem far away,

But in this town, the parties stay…

A chance to be fed

And special words read,

Knowing that the Company’s okay.

It’s nice in this business clime

That someone still spends the time…

Appreciating the work force

As a matter of course,

Who help them ring their profit chimes!


–Jonathan Caswell