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At this particular site,

The Head Office doesn’t have the right…

To plug in a Float

Officer in our Boat,

Their training just isn’t quite…!

To service this client takes training,

And trained people they’re retaining…

Some guards work for years

And a core group appears,

We do our own schedule maintaining.

With no help from the outside,

We do what we must to abide….

Within the contract,

Deciding to act

Willingly for each other’s side.

When one cannot keep his ground,

The others circle around…

Standing in his place

Filling the space

Til he’s up again and sound.


–Jonathan Caswell

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I say “he” and “him” because very few women have worked with us for long….I don’t know why.  We’ve had one or two really good ones who left, as far as I am aware, for reasons unrelated to work: I wish Cassie would come back!!!  🙂