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The Poet thought he knew

What he was allowed to do…

When asked to delete

He did complete,

That task without any stew.

The standard LIKE and REBLOG,

Are harder to counter-log…

Somewhere on page

Expresses rage,

Their post should be left alone.

Best he can do is comply,

Don’t need to know really why…

Was it what I said–

Is their “share” instinct dead—

Their objections won’t be denied!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion post!)


Like leprechauns looking for gold,

We’d know what the futures hold…

Around that bend

Will suffering end,

Or will it get very cold?

Some think it isn’t fair,

To wait until we get there…

Well, that’s life–

Deal with strife–

And hope to come up for air.

A light through them-thar trees,

Is that really what he thinks he sees…?

Wait til there

And all will clear,

At least we’ll be away from these fleas!

–Jonathan Caswell



A gaggle of girls giggling

About the neighborhood’s changer,

Speculation about who

Might come in the re-arrange…

Another joins the laughter

Hailed while coming downstairs,

Women at play don’t display

Any over-the-nose airs.

A man walking by is waved to

And greeted to most as a friend,

This neighbor walks by the hew and cry–

On a joyous, happy weekend…

The women still going at it–

Not a cackle or snort in the group,

Just having fun as days run

Getting the latest scoop!

–Jonathan Caswell




According to NBC NEWS*

A “hum” has begun to appear…

Often heard while inside,

Making sleep difficult and dear.

For forty years it’s been spreading,

Various places all over the world…

Sometimes due to machinery

And some organic cause twirled.

Since it often happens in rural areas,

And only to a very few….

Science’s speculation

Doesn’t tell us what can we do.

Some say it’s all mass hysteria

Like seeing the resurrected Christ….

But mass hypnosis is bogus,

Why can’t they try being nice?

It’s a mystery why folks hear things

In places of little sound at all…

Using fans and static to sleep by,

With understanding at a crawl!


–Jonathan Caswell

*Information obtained at http://www.nbcnews.com/science/ on 7/26/13, from an article written by Marc Lallanilla.