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woe betide them that try

to se in stone what needs more time…

My turn table lost?*

without further cost?

Then I looked near bed time!

I thought I’d lost my lead

To that tyrn table, but indeed…

A curve could be made

With large enough radius laid,

To satisfy the using of steam.

A switch I’d previously cut in,

To one engine stall could run…

The other could Branch

From the turn table switch–

My space problem was overcome!

Envisioning a massive water wheel,

Fed by a sluice pipe has appeal…

This motorized–

Already planned (what a surprise?),

For which the tourists would positively SQUEAL!

And then, the bridge over a mill dam flood—

If I wanted, a covered bridge wouldn’t take TOO MUCH blood…!

Just for light tourist trains–

Steel reinforced all the same–

An occasional short freight could be good!


I wish I could draw all this now,

All it took was time to see how…

Possibilities arise

by opening one’s eyes,Imagination plus a day’s-worth of wrinkled brow!

–Jonathan Caswell

*NOTE–Refer back to the post..ECONOMIC CHOICES IN MINIATURE…posted yesterday~!



Went to bed with both shoes on,

For a nap my sheets upon…

Uneven stance

When rising, chanced

To see which shoe had not stayed on.

My left shoe or slipper, see,

Is the one kicked off normally…

But it was elevated

Edema to have abated,

Immobilized, essentially!

Imagine the queer feeling

Of sitting up, revealing

The right shoe gone

And the left still on…

So why all this useless squealing?????

–Jonathan Caswell