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The church-going member got nervous,

He missed the nine thirty service…

He’d overslept

And hadn’t kept,

Track of Saturday–mind impervious!

First Sunday, this schedule,

He doubts the pews were full…

But he agrees

He accompanies

The singing when there’s no guitar girl!

Planning special effort,

An earlier bedtime most definite…

For blessings  sublime

He ll get there on time,

His passages cleared of expectorant!

–Jonathan Caswell


Diabetics take a chance,

Playing too hard at the dance…

He ate a bunch

Too much at lunch,

He’s troubled…you see at a glance.

He stayed up too late last night,

Refused a morning nap to feel right…

Countenance fell

And didn’t feel well,

Determining to work  through his plight.

At a job he readily  smiles,

He greets with several styles…

Getting through

Easier to do,

Folks have liked him there a long while!

–Jonathan Caswell