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THANKS TO GOD, by Carl Gooch

Thanks to God
In times of trouble and trial
Sometimes it’s hard to see.
Even in the struggle and pain
I know my Lord is with me.
And I give thanks to God.
When all the world attacks,
I call upon God’s own Son.
Even through the turmoil,
I rejoice as a blessed one.
And I give thanks to God.
When darkness surrounds
And fear comes to call,
I cry out to my dear Lord,
And He is there through it all.
And I give thanks to God.
Even in my darkest times,
My heart is filled with joy.
For what my Lord holds,
No one can ever destroy.
And I give thanks to God.
I fall down on my knees
Tears of joy fill my eyes;
I am a man richly blessed,
For the Lord hears my cries.
And I give thanks to God.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 10 September 2013



Doggies have holes they dig for bones,

Burying them everywhere…

When he is nervous he rubs a spot

Until it is skinless there.

Sometimes his knee or leg will do,

Fingernails often chewed down…

Can’t pull his hair, it’s nearly gone too,

In drink he no longer will drown.

His struggle in living is to believe

Continually that God has in hand…

All of his coming and going out,

Provision for life at hand.

–Jonathan Caswell

FACING STORMS, by Carl Gooch


Facing Storms
In this land filled hardship and distress,
I trust in my Lord, my rock and fortress.
The words on my heart I will inscribe;
That all may know of His word, my guide.
My eyes have seen the evils of this land;
And my ears now hear the pleas of man.
Do not let your arrogance rule the nation;
It is in repentance you will find salvation.
Only in the quiet, trusting in God’s grace,
Can you hope to find peace in this place.
Let not your heart be troubled with fear;
For an expecting heart will find Him near.
The Lord our God longs to bless His own;
He sees your plight and hears you groan.
The feast of feasts has long been prepared;
Receive His mercy and no more be impaired.
Do not turn to the left or to the right,
For His word alone bring truth to light.
Delve deep as searching for treasure;
And you will be blessed beyond measure.
As you rise in the morning, call on Him;
In everything you face, turn to Him.
Trust Him to keep you from all wrong,
When the storms of life grow strong.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 23 January 2013