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(An opinion…of a Christian)

Are Christians deliberately dense,

When faced with questions immense…

Too easily swayed

By what is played

On the pagan side of the fence?

The Twelve, with Jesus there,

Had Him pulling His hair…

Not understanding

The simplest commanding,

With brains that seemed full of air.

Paul said wolves would attack,

Well, now they come in packs…

Saying whatever

To gain a lever

Over a saint’s greenbacks.

“Test every spirit” says God,*

Which some Christians think is odd…

Rather their feelings

Confirm their dealings,

Of mind, spirit and bod.

Trust but verify…

The point is, how do you try…

What reference point

Will one anoint

To be the ultimate guide?

Take the Bible by faith,

It’s ideas are safe…

Feeling will only

Spread the baloney,

Committing spiritual rape.

If one adds and subtracts

From the Bible view of facts…

You do the work

Of a non-Christian jerk,

With just as much impact!

Mystics–a dime a dozen–

So many are kissing cousins…

Twisting the Word

In ways absurd,

Underneath their prayer shawl muslin.

Even when these admit

They don’t know it all legit…

It’s stuck in the middle

Of a two-week-long fiddle,

Telling all that they know of it.

The banner that always lifts

Is prominence of spiritual gifts…

Defined without

A way to test doubt,

Subjectively brought to one’s lips.

So no submission to testing,

When it is…is viewed as molesting…

Anything goes

In spiritual throes–

Obedience with home-made dressing?

–Jonathan Caswell

* 1st John 4:  1-6