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PROVEN TRUE, by Carl Gooch

Proven True
Oh Lord my God it is you,
That is the ruler of my life.
Your love is forever true,
A comfort from my strife.
My God before you I bow,
Submitting to your will.
It is upon my oath I vow,
In you may I remain still.
My Savior you are my all,
I am nothing without you.
I can only heed your call
By your strength it’s true.
Lord you are my breath
That gives me the power,
And with my final breath,
You help me on that hour.
My Creator, Lord and King,
My life is yours in every way.
You alone provide everything,
You are my source everyday.
You are forever true and just,
There is no other like you.
You are faithful in you I trust;
Your word has proven true.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 11 February 2013