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After a long and tiring day

He wrote frustration and anger away…

Watching videos

His eyes half close,

And at a happy ending tears display.

Down a face yearning for peace

Finding trust and release…

Not often he feels this way

After a very irritating day.

Harkening back to younger years,

Easier flowed those grateful tears…

Silly dogs’

Animation jogs

Memories of childhood tears.

A movie plot

His attention got…

Sweet release,

This time of peace!

Lessening of tension high,

Just in time for beddiebye…

Suddenly tears

Release fears

And anger by a good cry.

Sometimes guys

Need good cries…

On certain days

(Women amazed???).

Release via happy ending,

Less time simmering he’s spending…

Each new day,


Has enough for that day’s trending.

Calmer heads

Go to beds…

He won’t borrow

For tomorrow!


–Jonathan Caswell




Man and woman unite,

In love to sometimes fight…

Marital relations

More than copulations,

Require a little more light.

A woman will drive a man crazy,

The reverse may be true but it’s hazy ( 🙂 )…

The sufferer would be

Clamoring to be free,

From all of this cross-gender hazing.

First Peter–Three, verse seven—*

Knowledge keeps marriage from severing…

We men understand

And accept their demand,

As part of a mandate from Heaven.

We cannot let go of the fact,

Our women want us to act…

Keeping them secure,

Perhaps loud but demure

Working together for impact.

When Scripture says “weaker vessel”

It doesn’t refer to their mettle…

Determined steel

Underneath they reveal,

Woe betide an unthinking meddle!

That torrent of feminine tears,

What macho he-man really fears…

Whether real or fake

‘Tis wise to forsake

Manipulation she steers.

We’ll never understand how they tick,

But it’s very beneficial to stick…

With only one gal

To become your pal,

Learning a woman’s ways is a wise trick.

–Jonathan Caswell

*1st Peter 3: 7…most translations say “live with understanding”, or similar wordings