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It sounds controversial

For  a Christian to appeal…

To believers of all other gods

To lend their aid and deal…

With the human suffering

Of two major hurricanes

Families of many faiths

Enduring loss and pain!

Even if you have no god,

Please  think good thoughts to heal…

It’ll be a long time  till many folks

Return to an even keel;

This is what my Dad might have done

In his liberal theology…

Reaching out to all concerned

With no apology!

I’ m thinking of a special friend,

A blogger fresh and true…

Known as Holly Hunter

And other Floridians, too;

Her “House of Heart” is quiet till

She survives the storm….

I repeat my concern

For her a colleagues’ love is warm!

To our knees, lotus positions, or however you access the divine—for the sake all storm victims!




(Tune of “The Yellow Rose of Texas”)

Heard it on “Red-Eye Radio”…

So allegedly it’s true,

In “Hotel California”

They’re coming after you!

A court struck down one portion

Of the tax withholding code,

Now the State wants to go five years back

To gather what they’re “owed”!

Oh…those California taxes

They’re on the Up and Up,

The State has its own “I.R.S.”

And it’s going bankrupt…

It’s not enough to raise the rates,

They’ll retroactively

Change what was five years ago…

What responsibility!?!

What can we say ’bout greedy folks

Who will not regulate,

Or listen to the people who

Put food upon their plates…

This “representative” government

Doesn’t speak for us at all,

It spends our money however

And shoves us ‘gainst the wall!

I hear that Texas’ booming

From California’s loss,

Texas won’t spend tax money

On socialistic dross…

Millionaires and bigger business,

Those who can afford to move

Will leave the left coast to the fools

Who refuse to improve!

Our President similarly

Allegedly “don’t” care

About those paying all his bills

And how they’re going to fare…

With theory put in practice

His government has grown,

With folks who do not pay their way…

The whirlwind we will own!

Oh…Obama’s big idea…

Is already deep in debt,

He is a lame duck president:

We ain’t seen all yet…

He and California

And all them “Progressive ” states

Won’t lift a pinky finger

For the people’s sordid fates…

No, they won’t lift a finger

Except for THEIR ingrates!

–Jonathan Caswell