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(One Poet’s Opinion)

American stars and stripes,

Wave in fading light…

Spotlights glow

So we know,

Out flag is doing alright.

As for the country we cringe,

What is the next freedom impinged…

Ignored laws unliked,

Disapproval spiked,

The Administration acts unhinged.

And our leader of the free world,

Hates the country where he’s raising his girls…

They’ve openly proved

Suffering leaves them unmoved,

Unless there’s a news crew to twirl.

The “Change” is here,

Reaching for freedoms held dear…

Does what he likes–

Avoids open mikes–

Eventually his plan was made clear.

The ultimate patriotic sin

Is to tear us down from within…


While goodies are eyed,

The rest of us thrown in a bin.

The problem is, both sides

Seem to have similar prides…

Quietly taking

From upside-down shaking,

While laws are broken–each abides.

Who will call this to task,

Doesn’t seem to be any to ask…

Will any act

Or all are in fact

Willing to put we voters dead last?

(An opinion piece)

–Jonathan Caswell





By some, the Press attitude,

Approaches naivety rude…

With bare notice

Of warnings like this,

Has the state department come unglued?

Not likely but more to the point,

Our Media may be out of joint…

So often deceived

What can one believe,

So which view must they anoint?

Obama takes it seriously enough,

He can’t afford any more guff…

Or scandal this time

As his problems climb,

If no action was taken–he’d be stuffed.

But then again these “wars” seem far away,

With little effect on us day-by-day…

Unlike in Berlin

With bombs raining in,

For most it’s just another day.

So I’m glad this Administration is cautious,

Otherwise more folks would be nauseous…

Of a government who’d kill

Allegedly at will,

And blame it on filmmaker causes!


–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion)