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(The Book of Genesis 32: 22-32)

Jacob renamed Israel,

Strove with the Lord’s Angel…

Up went the sun

Both had won,

As Israel’s hip pain would tell!

Wrestled all night with God,

Stubbornly living abroad…

Planted when

They were then,

God’s loving shoulders are broad.

The “Liar” became the “Winner”,

In faith so can all sinners…

Truly find cleansing

Relationship mending,

To break out of spiritual winters!

A new Creation was he,

The lying was gone you see…

In its place

Active holy grace,

The Angel brought him to his knees.

The Bible says he strove with God,

Not a man or a vision odd…

The pre-incarnate Christ

Before His birth night,

Was the Angel of God!

God striving with man,

Doesn’t flatten us although He certainly can…

But gives choice

Listening to His voice,

Instead of a absolute demand!

God wants love voluntary,

Not robotic or ancillary…

Jacob renamed

By the Most High Name,

Became a friend of God, not adversary.

–Jonathan Caswell

(Caught from a recent WALK IN THE WORD Radio broadcast series)




Perhaps she meant what she said,

And was Holy Spirit led…

“You’re the strongest I’ve known”,

Not a feature I’d own

But rather, not let it go to my head.

Church was a time for crying,

The man whose self was dying…

Couldn’t sing very long,

Tremor in his song

And the Spirit new hope was supplying!

I had been to my bottom and back,

Or at least was on the right track…

Dependent on God

Is hardly odd,

When He’s the only one with the knack.

Perhaps God was saying through her,

Pronouncing a new “Ben Hur”…

Gideon hid

When an Angel bid*

Him, as a mighty warrior!

Surely I needed exhorting,

For my strength was feeble and halting…

I came there to see

What the Lord would do with me,

I needed encouragement salting.

It was reaffirmed that hour

That although I’m different I flower…

By far the best

At the Lord’s behest

Being part of our church–in Godly power!


–Jonathan Caswell

*Judges 6: 11-14