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(Photo–by the author—of his N scale switching layout, the right-hand end)

It is the end and beginning,

Both ends have the modeler grinning…

Mirrors no smoke

Play tricks on folk,

This end faced some trimming!

At one time our back room,

Was for its display we assumed…

For it to fit

I shortened it a bit,

The “tail tracks” were thus groomed.

Powered by coal and wood chips,

A research power plant slips…

In right here…

Or over there,

About it I’ve made up news clips!

The red “bridge” at lower right,

A bulk transfer available at night…

Sky lights in roof

Will give the proof,

Once the building’s in sight.

On the track heading back toward the church,

Will be “NORMAN’S” where I once worked,

Far from exact

But with the switchback,

The real one had…and it still worked.

What once was a pond for a mill,

On the front edge–a road uphill…

For trucks of salt “and”

Distribution as planned,

From the salt shed that isn’t yet built!

–Jonathan Caswell