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Whether ritual or rite,

We seek blessing tonight…

Rememb’ring well

What our fathers tell,

To see by faith–not sight.

Going through the motions

Or making up strange potions…

Is unfair

To God there,

Who demands intimate devotions.

The Bible or Tanak

Says we shouldn’t mock…

God th’eternal King,

Praise to Him we sing

By faith we become His stock.

Remembering loved ones

Whenever worship comes…

Appreciate the good

And worship as you should,

Being thankful when Shiloh comes!

–Jonathan Caswell



The Bible:  God’s story to tell

About how He claims Israel…

Devotion gets hazy

With folks fat and lazy

And thinking that everything’s swell!

God started with Adam first,

Disobedience brought on the Curse…

Life over time

Was brought back in line,

Whenever Man’s bubble would burst.

Jesus Christ, the last Adam came,

To save us from sin through His name…

Dying on the cross

Paid for our loss,

Coming to life gave it back to us again!

Not totally sure how we are grafted,

No longer are non-Jews shafted…

From walking with God

Even though flawed,

Through faith we are ingrafted.*

Spiritual rising and falling

We all do despite God’s calling…

Will you learn from mistakes

For your own sakes,

Or find yourself caught in the appalling?

–Jonathan Caswell

* Romans 11: 16-18, 24



“Walk in the Light while you have it,”

So Jesus Christ says to us all…

Unless by My word your mind is insured

You surely will lose it all.

In John, Chapter twelve

And verse thirty-five….

Our Lord reminds us

To stay alive

By reading  and praying,

Considering every day

That He is our Savior

And He is the One way.

People–historians and

Those who would try

To explain away

With hue and with cry

What hasn’t made sense to the wags

Of the world,

With banners of logic

And men’s pride unfurled…

Continue to claim that

It doesn’t make sense

For God to speak

When He is so immense,

Through this little book

With its quirks and changed lines…

You guys must be crazy

Saying it’s for all time!

Sometime or other we all must stand,

And like the Apostles decide Whose command

Is more important…

Whether logic or faith,

To follow God as we choose

Or what others think safe;

I choose to believe the Bible is God’s…

I know that’s illogical

Given the odds of man’s argument

And historical “fact” determined

By people who later redact

What was said before, never iron-clad,

That very thing makes

Human logic bad.

What I am saying…is we have Light

In human terms, but it still is right,

What I don’t understand God

Will teach me some day,

It could be tomorrow

Or while I pray…

Obviously our vision of God over time

Changes among us by reason or rhyme,

Yet He never changes

But gradually reveals

The Full measure of

How His love our heart seals.

These sixty-six books…

In some places seventy-three…

Reveal what we can handle

Of Divinity,

As active, engaging,

Holy but with love…

Describing relations

With the Most High above.

In Scripture, the folks

Who truly received

Chose by faith to stand

And in God believe…

Their hearts confirmed

Holiness and Love,

Walking in the Light

‘Til welcomed above.

–Jonathan Caswell

Hebrews 11:6…says that without faith it is impossible to please God, for one must believe that God is, exists, and will reward those who seek Him (said in the poet’s own words).




A friend intellectually

Kept trying to pester me…

Pointing out Bible flaws

Trying to give cause,

For abandonment of Christianity.

Come to find out, his Muslim belief,

In-so-far-as I’ve been briefed…

Throws out the Hadith,

His ideas are chief-ly

From the Quran–there’s the grief.

Most modern Muslims use Hadith

In their various versions to seek…

Out how to live

And reasons to give,

To those who may ask in the streets.

This person alas seems to be

Bent on his own theology…

I will not name names

Or quantify his claims,

Of the few he talks to is me!

He asks questions others think silly,

Sometimes I wonder, “will he?”…

I’ve had to separate

My faith feelings from debate,

Counteracting his tendency to bully.

We’ve gone back and forth for years,

Being careful if anyone hears…

To explain it’s a game

(I’m getting better, all the same),

We’re jousting with rubber-tipped spears!


–Jonathan Caswell