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Males and females have different ways to sort,

And different folding practices he’ll confidently report…

Although men are accused of folding any way,

He didn’t like how things were done on a panty-waisted day!

He dresses in the darkness to not bother the wife,

And with his changing hours, ’twas in the dead of night…

He really likes his manhood, avoiding any shame,

But in the mensroom he found he had the bottom of a dame!

His wife thought it important to fold it all one way,

Expressing little difference, equality displayed…

A mixed batch of bottoms found their way into his drawer

After that day, he determined it wouldn’t be that way any more!

He got his wife to fold her’s “in” and his “out”,

That even in the darkness there would be no doubt…

He recognizes her need for security folding underwear,

But when things mix and he has to change he’ll know which is there!


–Jonathan Caswell