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Have you heard the latest “thang.”

Royalty’s timing Beltane…

As a time to annouce

The next baby to bounce

From under Kate Middleton’s wing!

Some one on radio said

Tonight, Royals stay ahead…

Of pagan times

That happen to line

Up with a titular head.

Beltane (the celebration) is here,

And Kate’s contribution is clear…

A baby girl

‘Round which Daddy will twirl,

Would be good  to announce this year!

I hear pagan orgies

Will be part of the festivities…

Please for your own sake

Of protection partake,

Why should disease bring us to our knees?

And although my warnings are mild,

Remember the life of the child…

Perhaps produced

When lust is loosed,

Fetal tissues are babies wanting to live for a smile!

–Jonathan Caswell