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Who knows the mind of our God,

Claim to, we think you’re odd…

Don’t be absurd–

God is found in His Word,

Study them and be Gospel shod!

Skeptics say, “What are odds,

“That yours is the God of all gods?”

According to plan

Jesus is the Man

Who is God to save we clods!

In our analysis Faith–

Man’s reasoning is unsafe…

God’s Spirit moves

And it behooves

Us to leave home base.

First fruits of resurrection is He,

After Him humanity…

May take on His cloak

Of righteousness spoke,

That in Christ we can be sin’free!

Palm Sunday processions blare,

For a time we put down care…

Reveling in God

Who our path trod,

And His own Son did not spare.

Skeptics say to me,

How can God die from eternity?

Feeble minds

Can’t grasp these kinds

Of questions–believe and be free!

–Jonathan Caswell