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From my window I can see,

Sparrows moving constantly…

In a wall of cinder block

Their nest is firmly locked,

Feeding  their brood in daylight constantly.

Custodians shoo them out each year,

After the second brood appears…

Who has the heart

To break apart,

An activity that brings so many cheer?

Once-in-a-while they will clean

Bird “doo” away from the scene…

But won’t disturb

This bird suburb,

Til the second clutch is on the wing.


–Jonathan Caswell






His wife has her favorite actors,

While actresses are his thing…

Sometimes they agree on who is key

While other times arguments ring.

When seeing older programs

His heart may flutter until…

He realizes those ladies,

Are older than him, still!

She seems to have a handle

On which actors she was sweet on…

But she realizes the difference,

Of memories of which she is fond.

He’s reticent in listing

All of the girls he found nice…

He got so many refusals,

That he almost never asked twice.

Certain memories kept to himself

He may never share…

Those are the most embarrassing,

That won’t be openly aired.

They sit and watch old movies

And TV shows for hours…

They each have their favorite persons,

Now wilted and gone like flowers.


—A (mostly) fictional tale by Jonathan Caswell