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(See Matthew 6:30, and surrounding verses)

Fine figures and fashions

Ignite our human passions…

Clothes fitting right

A welcome sight,

On any social occasion!

Yet the human soul

Doesn’t need clothes to be whole…

If you think “nude”

Understanding is skewed,

Our coverings need not be droll!

Whom are you depending on?

On this side or the other of the “pond”…

The Lord Most High

Is “my guy”,

The Christ is the One.

Whom do you serve,

Bob Dylan observed…

That all flesh

With the Devil will mesh,

Unless God is served.

Focus on God through others,

Unbelievers are sisters and brothers…

All in God’s image made

Their sin price He paid,

Why their chances to know God we smother?

All men (humans) are like grass,*

how quickly a life will pass…

See Christ today–

Don’t walk away–

Who knows when one breathes their last?


==Jonathan Caswell

*Isaiah 40: 5-8




(sing to “Animal Crackers in My Soup”)


Chrysanthemums are askew

Heavy-laden with frozen dew,

Frosty grass is all aglow

With something that reminds of snow!

Yellow sun pops glistening rays

Over leaves with crystal glaze,

Tree trunks darken from melting frost

Making sure no heat is lost!

Short-tailed fairies in waters dwell

Rising up in the moist-er dells,

Stretching lithe backs to catch the sun

Raising their arms to the Holy One!

First frost feathers melt away

Until another autumn day,

Flowers straighten getting warm

Glad they have escaped a storm!


–Jonathan Caswell