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Lord Jesus resurrected–

He’s come out of the grave–

And just as expected

He owns the power to save…

What will be your answer

When Christians come to call

Will you submit yourself to Him

Or reject–losing it all?

–Jonathan Caswell



Did you see the blood moon  in its final show,

For hundreds of years….

Did you measure the super moon for size,

Did it bring you to tears?

Have you read or heard of prophecy

Concerning the Jewish nation….

Even secular folk are talking,

It’s not your imagination!

Have you made a life commitment to God,

Father of our Lord Jesus Christ…

Have you pledges heart, mind, soul and strength,

With His Spirit within you for life?

My numbers–nearly 500 tonight,

I’ve no explanation…

The Lord God blesses those who do right,

We accept His education.

Did you see the super moon-lunar eclipse,

Seen in Israel too…

Are praises to the Father fresh on your lips

Who gives signs to help us get through!

What are you doing this dark night,

Are you praising the Lord for your life…

How can you make it through all you go through

Resting in God–not in your strife?

–Jonathan Caswell

I AM HIS, HE IS MINE…by Carl Gooch


I will seek the Lord

In all I do and say…

I will seek the Lord

And follow in His way!

Ne is the treasure

That my heart seeks…

It’s His holy praise

That my spirit speaks.

He’s my source and strength

That moves me today…

Authors loving blessings

That often come my way.

He’s my Holy Priest

And Savior Divine…

My only salvation–

I am His and He is mine!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 09 February 2015