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The good old switcheroo,

A thing that horse thieves may do…

But this is mental–

Take a “New York Central”

Switch the shell for “New Haven” to view!

Knuckle couplers are on this chassis,

Can’t think of much more classy…

My New England road

Another RS-3* is owed,

This orange-and-black now has he?

–Jonathan Caswell

Another RS-3*…a road switcher locomotive model produced by the American Locomotive Company up until the early 1960’s.



For customer service waiting,

An effort to avoid sounding grating…

They’ll get the tape track

And play the call back–

to see if operator was baiting.

One spouse claimed that National Grid

Was assured her that they did…

A new company appeared–

Had we been commandeered?

Were we doubly billed while in a skid?

around here two amounts on the bill,

Show “Transport” and Energy–overkill–

A manager thought

We paid two out of pot,

Apparently was a normal bill!

The new company eventually,

Answered their phone so gently…

We’ll see what they say–

Were we tricked that day–

That Customer Rep saved our day!

–Jonathan Caswell