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He parked his car in the shade,

Reminded him of forest glade…

On land

He once had in hand,

So recently sold away.

So peaceful was it there

With pine-cone scented air….

Princess pine,

Oak leaves to recline

On to mosquitoes share!

Walking through the wood

For years did him good…

Sandy soil,

Healing oil

That softened a hard life’s flood.

Manage it he tried

Until the dream died…

Couldn’t afford

The room and board,

Can’t make the taxes, they cried.

Eight years beyond getting out,

Their broker gave a shout…

The place’s sold,

That woodland gold–

They were officially “without”.

He parked in this shady place,

Lit up from the smile on his face….

Reminding of

Their time of love

And working that wonderful space.

–Jonathan Caswell