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(Basically…two related lines that end with the same sound…!)

Tidy gardens waiting for

Someone to sit down and snore.

Masonry froggie sits for hours,

Hoping forĀ  a load of flowers!

Variegated leaves undimmed

Exponentially fill in.

Fruit tree florals gradually fade

But garden visitors are “made in the shade”.

Poison ivy finds its niche,

Valient gardeners scratch an itch.

Lilac bushes flower strong…

Robins sing a perfumed song.

Hummingbirds among flowers flit,

Nesting eggs to deposit.

Open windows screen in cats

Chattering at birds (what’s with that?).

Felines doing no dread crime…

Lounging with no thought of time.

Rumbling of motorcycle “gangs”…

Distant thunder on our peace hangs.

(A Slight Change of Pace!)

Softly singing afternoons,

Slower paced old brides and grooms…

One or the other has gone Home

Singing throught the chores alone.

Little dogs sleep inside,

Unless Master will take a ride!

Skyward we hear every blade

Of propeller’s progress made.

Stillness calms our inner ear

In this tranquil rural time of year!

–Jonathan Caswell