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Hunger, Anger, loneliness and exhaustion,

Wheedling the guard of the bastion…

Into opening gates,

For thin-ice skates

Throwing away the drawstrings of caution!

Loneliness, Tiredness–both–

Wearing down adherence to oath…

Got to stay strong,

Keep moving along,

Avoiding the slitting of throat.

–Jonathan Caswell




Got up this AM, early,

Should have known something was squirrelly!

The calendar said

Go back to bed,

But I was stubborn and surly.

Me-thought the wife had a date:

Her podiatrist (running late)…

Come to find out

It’s tomorrow (big shout!),

Some days we’re too blind to relate.

So made a bunch of phone calls

To various health service halls…

To get straightening

Situations waiting

Of which we’d become appalled.

Even got some posting,

One poem at least, while toasting…

Bread and grilled cheese

(Are there seconds, please?)

Wanting a nap…but coasting.

So now I’m really tired,

It’s a wonder the writing’s inspired…

Working real hard

As an Internet bard,

The boiler’s plumb cussedness-fired!


–Jonathan Caswell