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Older guys’ eyes are special,

They shouldn’t wander far…

Some women could be their grand daughters

Do we know where all of them are?

Something to be said for self control,

Let the younger appeal to the young….

Going after the younger threatens a soul

Under Christ it’s not readily done.

Age-appropriateness is key

To relationships to afford…

Keeping in your age group, yessiree,

Keeps everything above board.

So pardon me for my mistake

Of posting a cherry so young…

Enthusiasm ran away from me

On a choice exploiting the young!

–Jonathan Caswell



(various limericks)

Some folks can minister fine

If you give them time…

To find where you’re

Less assured

And give you a nudge as inclined.

A marshmallow in a bowl

As a mission of mercy, he told…

To satisfy craving

Avoiding the caving

Beckoning at a deep hole!

This community by itself

Manages to dwell…

Most of the time

Without drawn lines,

Or ostentatious wealth.

A car came down, turning wide,

Our building and cars she spied…

That blonde looked too young

To have begun

Considering living inside!

–Jonathan Caswell