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Every once in a while,

The blogger cleans his file…

Tempted by women

Beautifully grinning,

Til they reach the deleted pile!

Lots of re-blogging stuff,

Accumulates more than enough…

Pictures galore

Land on the floor,

Selecting keepers is rough.

Attractive turtle doves,

Like Solomon, he loves…

Cleaving to pictures

Is against Scriptures,

Who is he setting above?

These pictures are idols for him,

All of whom he’s keep by whim…

Worshiping God—

Or some ladies’ “bods”,

The choice is up to him.

So files get that cleaning,

Of images causing his keening…

To create

A blank slate,

Of ideas not steaming!

–Jonathan Caswell


Obsession in many forms,

Blinds one to social norms…

Stall on sex

What happens next,

But the community needs to be warned!

I don’t listen very well

When trains has my under their spell…

Or another topic

The same myoptic

Trance that if bottled would sell!

Aging folks losing,

Intimacy not by their choosing…

Stuck in transition

Would avoid inquisition

But affecting the tone of schmoosing.

–Jonathan Caswell



When a tall person dreams,

Appearance is not as it seems,,,

In real life I’m fat

But “they” deal with that

Through useful shrinking schemes!

I go through a very small hole,

How I do is not my control….

The less I think

Then quick as a wink

I’m through—bless my soul!!!

The other night “they” made

A train climb impossible grades…

To a power plant

(An obvious plant),

To help me be happy in trade.

Usually model trains in shops

Remind of after-Christmas stops..

We make for the sales,

(My childhood regails)

While stores made major price drops.

Anyway…there’s always driving,

According to that night’s conniving…

Sometimes in snow

Or water over-flow,

My nerves in either case, are thriving!

Scenes change and swirl at will,

From town to country until…

The alarm ends my sleep

When I’m dreaming so deep,

It takes minutes to remember the drill!

–Jonathan Caswell

(May not REALLY BE…a shaggy dog story…but been working on it long enough!)



If staging trains is a threat,

Then set up at least one cassette…

Aluminum sides

On which the train glides

Will never cause regret.

This magical backstage power

Is ready almost any hour…

On either end

Of a layout it lends

To the model’s economic power.

“Beyond the train layout” theme

Is this device’s scheme…

Train cars from the land

Come into your hand,

Much better than pretending a dream!

With what I have makes one,

Two piano hinges which’ll run…

Like parallel rail

O’er which commerce sails,

Til my railroad’s business is done!

–Jonathan Caswell



Forests hide history,

Old grades degrade as we see…

New highways built

For new money spilt,

Consigning trains to memory.

But the North Creek to Tahawus line,

Is restored and running fine…

Wood products, stone

And garnet hone

The edges of rails redefined!

–Jonathan Caswell



Woke up after dreaming a dream,

Of some sort of Oedipus scheme…

It’s happened before

But one I deplore,

Got a warning in the midst, it wasn’t keen.

I woke up to low blood sugar,

Is that why this dream was a booger?

Can’t always control

What the projectionist rolls,

The subject can be “badder” or “gooder.”

My dreams tend to work ’round a scheme,

Can’t always tell what they mean…

Like driving really far

In an open-front car,

Or with a windshield that never stays clean!

I seem to “prefer” flood waters,

Without the comfort of otters…

While flying aloft

Or driving oft

Through the edges with no sounding spotters.

Entrances and holes become smaller,

Which I wiggle through, growing taller…

One never knows

Where a passage goes,

It changes down each new “holler.”

I see a lot of trains and ships

And people in quick “film clips…”

Mostly on the move,

Little time to soothe

Emotional vict’ries and slips.

The outside observer of dreams

May posit a view on the means…

I sometimes enjoy

Being the little boy,

Depending on the projector-man’s schemes!

–Jonathan Caswell