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Consider the poison ivy plant

You often find its vines…

Stretching out upon the lawn,

Growing in straight lines.

That tiny vine, how does it grow,

To take over the lawn…

Getting rid of the stuff

Requires super-human brawn!

Every little snippet becomes

A full-grown plant…

If any touches skin,

You’ll itch until you rant.

It waves big red and yellow leaves

In Autumn, from woody stems…

Climbing up a tree trunk

For years with twists and bends.

Burn the stuff and its smoke

Can cause the brutal itch…

Gardeners, landscapers all

Learn the poison ivy twitch!


–Jonathan Caswell





I heard a distant “meow” today,

Might have been children hard at play….

From beyond the trees

Carried by a breeze,

‘Twas really hard to say.

This is a large parking lot

And some stray cats nearby we’ve got…

Perhaps my mind

Needs something kind,

To cheer me as it ought.

The “meow” I heard no more,

Just once, and none before…

Was it a child

Running wild,

Or a pussy cat I might adore?


–Jonathan Caswell






by Jonathan Caswell

Little green bug blown onto my table,

I wonder if you are able…

To tell from the wind

Where you might have been,

Or is the wind too unstable?

Random placement of tree branches,

Explained through fractal advances…

Seemedly random cause

Obeys fractal laws,

High-powered math has its advantages!

As shadows lengthen afternoons,

Even a poet assumes….

To avoid “Triple-E”,*

One soon must be

Inside before the mosquitoes zoom!

While checking for  chiggers and ticks,

Killing honey bees is nixed…

With so few bees

Left to pollinate trees

And flowers, any more gone will cause fruit to be deep-sixed**!


*Triple-E, or Eastern Equine Encephalitis, is an often fatal disease carried by mosquitoes.

**”deep-sixed”, another way of saying killed, died or buried (i.e.: six feet under the ground)

“fractals” refer to a mathematical way of modeling images on the computer…which has also been used to accurately determine the relative percentages of, for example, tree species in a forest, or in describing certain natural processes.