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I was blind–wandering in the dark–

Thinking all was fine, but I was lost…

But God had mercy on my foolish heart

And sent His son to pay the cost.

My Lord is the source of all good,

I trust in my God above…

I say my hope is in God alone

And the full blessings of His love!

Oh Lord, you’ve opened my eyes,

I have seen how wrong I’ve been…

Lead and guide me in Your ways

So all see your Spirit within.

My mind was filled with much information

That meant nothing without revelation…

That only through Christ is there salvation

(Hope assured brings peace, satisfaction)

Through me may they see His reflection!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 29 April 2014



Whenever I find myself “short” or in need,

Somehow my Lord God knows…

And in His timing my answer will speed

Through which His mercy shows.

Sometimes it’s mercy to deny my request,

Of someone to pull me astray…

My Lord I trust to know what is best

And maturing until His Day.

When I tend to worry He takes control

Suggesting what to do…

He can be trusted to keep safe your soul,

I recommend Him to you!

–Jonathan Caswell