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I’ve had some interesting dreams of late,

With lots of traveling done…

In two different cars it seemed

And trouble with either one.

The car I really drive while awake

Needs fixing soon…

How to pay for it is the take

That we have yet to assume.

I think the “double-oh-seven blog,”

That leaping black and white…

Re-blogged yesterday came into play

As the starring cat last night!

We have not yet “replaced”

The tuxedo cat we had…

Paying for “him”* and the rest of our debts,

Not being able to…makes us sad.

I was a teacher again last night

With assumptions that were mostly wrong…

The environment wasn’t the best,

(My class control wasn’t strong).

I often am driving in the snow

Or over flooded roads…

Both have been fears of mine,

The memory of which goads.

And somewhere in there I saw my wife

Walking around just fine…

Thinner with a lot less pain,

I wish that reality mine.

–Jonathan Caswell

*Our new cat could be a him or a her…we don’t care…they have to be neutered or spayed with all their shots up-to-date, anyway.  With one exception, all our cats were strays that happened by.  This time we have a shelter picked out to adopt from.  🙂