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Wherever the group, SCARLET FADE,

Performs, plans are made…

By two women

Band followers given

Special front seats in the shade.

One, a ravishing red head,

Each time, turns my head…

Wearing dresses

Femininity expresses,

Drives me wild instead.

So, in the Lord I learn..

It’s better eyes closed than burn…**

Sometimes I see

Without feeling guilty,

Those are few and far between,ย of concern.

Those two have their own special motions,

Hand dancing as devotions….

In praise to God

No–it’s not odd–

I rock in my own motions!

There was a crowd downstairs,

After, with plenty of chairs…

Unsure in that crowd

I just stepped out,

Into the mid-morning air.

–Jonathan Caswell

** closed eyes….Matthew 5:27-28