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A resident we’ll call Annabelle,

Finds she’s not compatible…

What she observes is

People want service,

But don’t help out so well!

Annabelle’s ultimatum,

She’ll set up but won’t vacate them…

A few more

Have to take on that chore,

She’s not a slave to be taken!

Community dinners all bless,

but clean up can be a mess…

Able-bodied souls

Dive for their holes,

Until clean up and take down have progressed.

–Jonathan Caswell



We got the ultimatum,

Practically verbatim…

Clean up the mess

Or, no guess,

Eviction by administration!

Why…always it takes a crisis,

For me to face what suffices…

We have the weekend

For help from our friends,

This time both chops and dices.

Many possessions held dear

Must be thrown out of here…

The apartment cleaned

And we’ll be redeemed,

The process grips us with fear!

–Jonathan Caswell