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(An educated sociological opinion)

In certain circles of prayer,

Evolution is demonized there…

The theory’s impact

Is certainly fact,

Permeating everywhere!

The facts, although little known,

With seeds of anarchy sown…



Of power plays in were thrown.

Both Marx and Margaret Sanger,

Thought “evolution” a banger…

Of idea to steal

And pay for meals,

Focussing their powerful angers!

It made a fine label indeed,

To camouflage actual creed…

Underlying motive

A label won’t give,

Separating reason from deed!

The “good soldiers” will respond,

To leaders of whom they grow fond…

These “soldiers” dare,

Not question or care

For thinking their actions beyond.

For then, any reason will do,

As long as there is follow-through…

Reasons obscured

Helps power assured,

While the folks on the bottom get screwed!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An educated sociological opinion)