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Discussion with a neighbor

Wasn’t copacetic…

Reminded me of living

With a non-diabetic.

The neighbor served key lime pie

One member of a pair….

So he could go on “living”,

That sounded so unfair!

The other one got nothing,

Nor even dessert at all…

Is it any wonder diabetics’

Will powers often fall?

My Mom and Dad were such a pair,

He was and she was not…

His exercise machine sat next

To where she kept candy bars in stock.

The freezer kept them extra cold,

Every session he’d sneak one or two…

She wondered why his sugar stayed high

‘Til the truth came suddenly to…!

She tried different hiding places

And he’d figure them out quick…

She’d notice the supply took a nose dive

And her husband got real sick.

With my wife and I, we’re both

Diabetics…inequality is less there…

But I will bring home the salty snacks,

The edema makes that choice less fair.


–Jonathan Caswell