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Unprepared for the day,

Given opportunity to “play”…

My spirit thrives

In cannonball dives,

Can’t let this get away!

–Jonathan Caswell




It rained and rained all night

I saw it in a street light…

Drops on the ground–

That pitter-patter sound

But the raincoat never fit right!

Last night took off with no jacket,

Rain on the roof made a racket….

‘Twas like the rain said

“Let’s go ahead,”

Saw my white shirt and attacked it.

The British insist an umbrella

Compliment the style of a fella…


In Great Britain agrees

Anyone well-prepared is stellar!

Today we’re scheduled for more,

Might even get a downpour….

Properly cloaked

I won’t be soaked

But ready and dry to my core!

–Jonathan Caswell



Scheduled for eleven,

We hurried down the hallway given…

We were unprepared

Not that she cared,

She wasn’t there–oh, what heaven!

Tomorrow we’ll find all our stuff,

I hope that we’ll have enough…

Proof that we still live

Under “the line” to give,

Certification for us in these times tough.

We’ll be ready tomorrow for sure (!)

Our interview to endure….

But the manager is kind,

Surely will ease the mind,

With intentions businesslike but pure.

–Jonathan Caswell