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(Each individual three-line haiku is considered a poem on its own,

despite perhaps being related to a common theme.–J.E.C.)

(Additionally, haiku may or may not include punctuation—traditional haiku generally do not  have it –J.E.C.)

Presidents’ Day off

Waving away package trucks

Skeleton crew on

American loss,

Long weekends not historic…

Blurred history lost!

High snow banks turn brown

Road salt stains on pavement grey

Waiting for snow days

Plow trucks stand idle

Except for salting road ice

No more overtime?

Winter buds wonder

Is it time to grow and sprout?

Freeze burnt other years…!

Swans in ponds feeding

Youngsters finally on their own

Mommas drove them off

Easter candy sales

Set up before the fourteenth

Valentines half off

–Jonathan Caswell



My wife asked me just what I wanted

From my Valentine…

I told her that a simple heart

And her, would be just fine.

I asked her then what she desired,

She answered back much the same…

Perhaps some treat or ice cream cake

Sugar-free, if possible, then.

Our romance is in daily life and

I’m not giving details…

Our love is from the Lord above

And His love never fails!

Not that we haven’t had our times

When romance was the least…

Thing inside our married mind

But we’ve learned to live in peace.

Maybe a single rose on sale

And a little candy box…

Will “seal the deal’ for one more year,

For you know this marriage rocks!

–Jonathan Caswell




It’s once again the night before

And he’s got nearly nothing…

His wife is staging something big

To prove to him her loving.

At Christmas, ’twas different (?)

But now ’tis Valentines…

He’d better think of something fast

Or he’ll step on land mines.

He’ll get a card, some potted soil

And sugar-free chocolates to eat…

This weekend, they’ll visit the shelter,

A new cat would be sweet!

–Jonathan Caswell





His wife has a tactic

That lures him with grace,

Asking him to do things…

Then putting them in his face.

She asks him to help her

To prepare Valentines,

And sets the roaster atop everything else…

To wash as he’s inclined!

If he wants any more dishes done

This big job he must do,

She gets around his lethargy…

And helps him feel better too!

Men have discussed woman’s wiles

Of various viscosity,

But this one draws him out of himself…

To be all he can be!


–Jonathan Caswell