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(Made up as I write them)

Stamping for a better view,

Of the woman turning blue…

Men encamped

Legs all cramped,

Turning blue then too!

Cats will say “meow”

Except when there’s a row…

Then they howl

Hiss and yowl,

They don’t sound so cute now!

Bolly-cat came back here,

Wearing her flea collar  bandolier…

I had to catch

But she’s no match

For long-legged owners dear!

Liquid bread–that’s beer–

Is consumed a lot around here…

By bottle and case

The storage place

Must be kept access-clear.

Eating pastrami and cheese,

Pass the mustard please….

We’ll want to savor

The spicy flavor,

And a few more of these!

I clear out the trash,

The next guy has panache…

Cleaning the desk

‘Cause guys leave a mess,

He carefully does his task.

With the last drop of flavored coffee

I’ve gotten my caffeine softly…

Make another pot

I’ll be in a spot,

For sleep wil be harder…awfully!

Prerecorded telephone calls

Certainly have their balls…

Using every line

For minutes at a time,

The REST of phone business crawls.

Cleaning people leaved by ones and twos,

Except before holidays when all are excused…

Driving dribs and drabs,

Or getting taxi cabs,

At quitting time we all get so enthused!!!!

One more and maybe we will rest,

Some folk.s memory is not the best…

Lost in the women’s rest room

She found it as she vacuumed,

In the office…where detection was the best!

Silly songs pile up with no relief,

Problems being silly is chief…

Reason they pile

‘Cause few manage to smile,

The cost of repairing makeup must be steep!


–Jonathan Caswell



A letter came from Renee’,

Was glad to find her okay…

When next I write

She said I should type,

So reading it wouldn’t take all day!


I smelled a skunk last night,

In the middle of a rainstorm flight…

The skunk had to be

Drenched completely,

Not the best way to spend a cold night!


I tired of my boneless chicken,

It was cold and not “finger-licking”…

A cold burger too

I chewed right through,

If a balloon, I’d be ready for sticking!


The rain goes on and on,

It’s supposed to last through dawn…


May be rain “blessed”,

Will tents be put up on the lawn?


Main gate remains open in rain,

To avoid the extra pain…

If power  goes “squush”

We manually push

Open the gate closed down..


i have my lap-top plugged in,

Its battery life to extend…

In this rain storm

The computer gets warm,

And needs cool-down time near nights end!


Two days yet until the birthday

Of Sputnik, starting the Space age…

My parents were distracted–

Their second boy was extracted

From a womb most happy that tiring day!


The man with curled hair on his forehead,

His writings were certainly florid…

When he was good

He was very, very good,

But when bad he was beyond just horrid!


My wife and I get along,

Better after I was gone

Into a lock-down

Till I came around,

Getting out–sang my happiest song!


This writing of poetry

Keeps him off the streets, you see…

Writing verses

Won’t invite curses,

From what he used to be!