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Wandering off a while,

Finding what would bring a smile…

Young and old

Women he’s told,

Each have their special style.

Yes, he found it true,

And examples of “YAH=HOO!”…

Knockout posts

With modeling hosts,

Certain styles they rock, too!

Many bloggers out there

Have small readerships that care…

So impressed

He’ll share with the rest,

Several who need the share!

–Jonathan Caswell

Wandering Fashion Poet!

Featured Image is from “https://obsessionexpression.wordpress.com/2016/05/09/spring-is-here-im-back/”

SO MERCY I’D KNOW…by Carl Gooch


Weak and weary, Lord I turn to you,

You give me rest–your love is true…

You are my strength and  my guard

When my struggles are too hard.

This heart of mine oppressed

The Son of God has blessed…

In my life filled with sin and pain,

He came into my soul to reclaim!

In my wandering youth lost, alone,

I saw your light–I’m your own…

My life was filled with sadness

Then you filled life with gladness!

Loving Lord, protect my days

And guide me by your word in your ways…

Oh Savior Divine, this debt I owe,

You were the price so mercy I’d know.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 25 March 2014



It wanders up and down the lawn,

Looking for grubs to feed upon…

A white stripe

Ethereal at night,

Shows it’s not gone.

Pity the employee

Who is too close to this animal free…

Fearing should it say,

“Let us pray”,

Supplications olfactory.

Leave it alone and hope it strays

Somewhere else one of these days…

To find its meal

With great zeal,

Without human target arrays!

–Jonathan Caswell