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A radio ad often run

This neck of the woods for fun…


With a mouse translator,

Saying mice…are like everyone!

Mouse claims he’s just like you,

Running around for something to chew…

He stays warm

Doing clothes harm,

Or by insulation he’ll hew.

This mouse says he is polite,

Leaves calling cards by night…

Which he likes to do

‘Cause he’s “just like you,”

You SHOULD think his entry delight!

Got up early from bed,

This ad rolling round in my head…

By the lamp light

A mouse ran in fright,

Was just as the ad…said!

He ran from our back room to closet,

And no–I saw no deposit…

And then he went zoom

Into the living room,

No way that I could stop it.

I hope the guy’s poor at craps,

Maintenance put out the traps…

I hope there’s just one

Then it’s done,

Our clutter comes out from under wraps!

–Jonathan Caswell