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Although some pronounce “Don Waun”,

It really is “Don Ju-an”…

A pioneering soul who seeks

Women, to tunnel through them;

Opening up their hearts to men

Which they may have hated,

To go out and find one that they love

Who in former days would be unslated.

At least that was my lot in life

Until by stealth I caught

A lady who’d been chasing

With a strategy well-thought…

That inward heroic side of me

Found itself hooked,

It wasn’t but a couple of months

Before the wedding was booked!

My days of luring women to

Open their hearts are gone,

I have one woman next to me

Whom I must concentrate on…

The training is continuous

Allayed are her and my fears,

Me-thinks that I’ll be in this school

A lifetime semester of years.


–Jonathan Caswell