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The Poet thought he knew

What he was allowed to do…

When asked to delete

He did complete,

That task without any stew.

The standard LIKE and REBLOG,

Are harder to counter-log…

Somewhere on page

Expresses rage,

Their post should be left alone.

Best he can do is comply,

Don’t need to know really why…

Was it what I said–

Is their “share” instinct dead—

Their objections won’t be denied!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion post!)




Coming into work today,

Accosted by two young girls gay…

Asking if I carpooled

To work or to school,

I said I was out-of-the-way…!

I let myself be beguiled

So easy when the two of them smiled…

Who knows who they’ll find

If the person won’t mind,

A week or two for a trial.


–Jonathan Caswell