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Imagine grey-haired men being petty

Not willing to sign out after eight…

They think with covering hood they are ready–

I wonder why they feel they must escape?

The President of the company follows policy

That overgrown children ignore…

It seems to be a game of rebellion

Unrequited til they make it out the door.

They’ll stop and sign if called back to do it,

They act as though it’s always drudgery…

They really don’t care to go through it,

Neither does an irked Security!

–Jonathan Caswell



She presents herself in front of me,

Asking about my wife…

Engaging in small talk pleasantly

Making me a part of her life.

It’s not an obligation

But a friendly “keep in touch”…

Showing consideration

That always means so much.

She could have, like others,

Ignored me by now…

Content with more important folk

To enhance her career flow!

I’m not exactly little

But sure am a guy…

So nice being remembered,

Some day I’ll ask her why.

–Jonathan Caswell